New Article on Ethics After TheraSense

Dashiell Milliman-Jarvis, The State of Ethical Duties After Therasense, 25 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 695 (2012).
You can download it here or on Westlaw.

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    Joe, the article we’re ctemmnoing on isn’t quite correct; it’s infrared _transmitters_ that would be installed at concert events, not infrared sensors. The transmitters would send out signals like the ones transmitted by your TV remote control, only they’d probably be brighter to have a longer range. The iPhone camera would sense those signals and would shut down the recording function if the signals indicated that a prohibited event was being recorded.This type of function can probably be installed on existing iPhone or Android smartphones without needing any hardware changes to the device; I know that my LG VX8300 cellphone’s camera is sensitive to infrared. Try it yourself; turn on the video camera in your device, and watch its video monitor with one hand while you point and click a remote control at it using the other hand. On my phone I can clearly see a bright blue light coming from the remote.Natural infrared works too. Turn on an electric stove or a toaster, then point your video camera at the hot area.

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