Troll cartoon.

It is Monday morning and I stumbled onto this, provided solely for your entertainment.  I'm not sure I agree with it!  Link here.

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    Lemley’s piece is interesting and reflects in large part what the GAO took: an abandonment of the “Troll” plank and a picking up of the patents-are-too-easy-and-functional-claiming-in-IT-is-bad plank.

    Mossof basically guts the whole “Troll” plank as badly trumped up hysteria.

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    Prof. Hricik,

    Have you signed up for the Wegner email distribution yet?

    He had a great email with contributions to the “Troll” discussion from Mossof and Lemley.

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    And you would be dead wrong about my being paid. If you had paid attention to the main Patently-O website, I was the first to aver that my posts conform to the “posts are the private opinions of the poster” requirements that Dennis Crouch has for posting on his blog.

    Many of the ‘regular’ posters have not (and will not) do the same.

    Your accusation of me being a shill misses the mark badly.

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    You mistake my “support” of patent trolls with my unwillingness to support the ploy of the established powers to denigrate the patent system.

    Or do you not know who coined the term “Troll” in the first place and why?

    (hint: it was not for the consumer’s benefit)

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    I don’t know – didn’t watch it that closely. I just don’t mean to endorse it, since I didn’t watch it. I thought it was fun, though.

    I worry about a lot of things when I see this effort — mostly I worry about the impact of too-broad a definition of ‘troll’ and lack of flexibility in standards. See my post below about section 285, and why I think the CAFC has the power and one wrong interpretation has messed that up for 7 years or so…

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    What part don’t you agree with? All of the numbers seemed accurate. Congress isn’t doing anything about the problem (I doubt they’re actually sniffing each other’s butts, though, so that part probably isn’t accurate.)

    Ignore Anon. He pops up on lots of patent sites, posting comments in support of patent trolls. I think he’s paid by the post.

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