5 thoughts on “Troll Bill Passes House

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    “Capture” is the operative word.

    Agency Capture is reminiscent of the debacle with the Savings and Loans and other great recent failures.

    Those who do not recognize history are bound to repeat it, and “Here we go again!”

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    Somewhere below I posted that the “pro-reform” people had captured the debate — making it “against litigation abuse.” There’s no “pro-litigation abuse” lobby, unfortunately.

    To me (see the NYT op-ed), the problem isn’t who owns the IP, it’s with asymmetrical costs and (see post below) a totally distorted interpretation of 285 that the Fed Cir gave to it in 2005… Fix the latter and, imho, there’s no problem…

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    What is very concerning to me is the speed by which this bill passed the House. It seems that very little (if any) voice or heed was given to the opinions or concerns of small inventors and universities who would surely oppose many provisions in this bill in its current form. Very, very troubling.

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    Thanks for the links to the article that quotes Kappos. His remarks that the House Bill unnecessarily weakens the US patent system is a sentiment I fully share. I am glad that he said it.

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