Scalia scolds newbie advocate….

Okay, so it's not really ethics, but it's interesting.  The story is here but basically Scalia interrupted an apparently obviously nervous advocate who was reading from his notes, which made him stop until another Justice said "it's all right," and then everything went great.  Folks are fighting over whether Scalia was decent, or not.

I've watched a few oral arguments there and everyone seemed nervous. Understandably!

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4 thoughts on “Scalia scolds newbie advocate….

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    Again Ned, your post is irrelevant.

    A homily is nothing at all like ‘preaching’ to nine justices that hold your fate in their hands.

    In fact, with your example, it is exactly the opposite.

    If this confuses you, I suggest a course in Canon law, or perhaps simply talk to your priest.

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    Well he is during his homily.

    But I still do not get all the reading from the texts. Why doesn’t he look at us and speak the words that we might reply? It is formal, I agree. But way too formal by a long shot.

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    Ned, Your post is more than completely irrelevant.

    Make the fundamental comparison – why is the priest reading at mass – is he REALLY trying to do the same thing that advocates are trying to do at ORAL argument?

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    David, on read text, why is that Priests always read from their books during Mass? They must know the liturgy by heart at some point?

    I can’t imagine Christ effectively communicating if HE read from any texts.

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