Speaking Friday at Colorado Rocky Mountain IP Meeting

The brochure is here.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but my daughter’s graduation takes priority!  High school here she comes…

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Friday at Colorado Rocky Mountain IP Meeting

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    David, you are going to like this case: IN RE ATOPTECH, INC., link to cafc.uscourts.gov

    OMM represented Magma in its acquisition of Synopsis, the original owner of the patent in suit. OMM now represents ATopTech in defense of a patent infringement action brought by Magma.

    The district court (ND Cal.) disqualified OMM regardless that OMM promised to erect a “wall.” On mandamus, the Feds denied mandamus based on a “conclusive presumption” that confidential information regarding the patent was shared with OMM prior to any wall. (Several attorneys representing ATopTech had previously represented Magma in the acquisition.)

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      Thanks, Ned!

      Screens aren’t very helpful if they’re not done right. From what little I can tell, they weren’t done right.

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