Biosimilars, Ethics, and my Takeaways

If you haven’t notice, I do a lot of CLE speeches.  In part, of course, it’s to promote Mercer, my school.  In part it’s service. In part I enjoy it (though the travel sucks).  Primarily it’s to stay in some contact with what matters to practitioners (I don’t remember the last time I read a law review article).  Anyhow, yesterday I sat through 4 hours on biosimilars.  Fascinating stuff, and a mess.

My powerpoint is here (2014 biosimilar hricik part). It makes pretty much all the point the paper does, and some more.  If you’re doing the information exchange under the BCPIA, you need to have an agreement.  This ppt points out some of the glaring problems with the statute.

I also listened to how disruptive Myriad (and the 101 guidelines) have been for this field — cutting edge of technology and a huge part of the future.  I also learned a few people actually read m Alito blog post (below).

Anyhow, it was an excellent program, and I got to see some friends, too!

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Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law. Formerly Of Counsel, Taylor English Duma, LLP and in 2012-13, judicial clerk to Chief Judge Rader.

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    David, if you could, to what statute are you referring in your PowerPoint presentation?

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