Patent Agent and Criminal Defense Lawyer? Not.

In re Campbell was a recent default judgment taken by the OED against a patent agent.  Among other things, the default states that the patent agent took money without doing the prosecution work he’d promised to do. But he also showed up in Colorado state court to defend a criminal case, and basically represented to the judge that he was an attorney… licensed by the PTO.  That didn’t sit well with the judge, the Colorado bar, or the OED.

I’m filing this under:  “I hope that this is prohibited is not news to you.”

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4 thoughts on “Patent Agent and Criminal Defense Lawyer? Not.

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    So, was he licenced before 1957? Not saying that he can do it, but it is possible he was originally licenced as a patent attorney without being an attorney.

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    Yikes. Something tells me, however, that Mr. Campbell has moved well beyond caring whether the OED revokes his license.

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