In-house lawyer who took information from client disciplined by OED

A practitioner serving as in-house counsel to Eli Lilly was disciplined by the state bar for having taken data from his employer upon his departure, knowing that it was wrong to do so.  As required, he notified the OED of this discipline, and the OED in an agreed order issued reciprocal discipline in In re Cohen (OED Proc. No. D201512), available here.

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3 thoughts on “In-house lawyer who took information from client disciplined by OED

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    Dude, this place is dying! Any chance you can post more than once a season, or turn the reigns over to someone who is interested in seeing the Ethics section thrive???

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    As they say, the devil is in the details.

    I wonder what exactly was “confidential information that was the property of Lilly and that he was not authorized to posses or control

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      Agreed. I know some companies are, to put it mildly, overly aggressive on this issue and have, in fact, been sanction for going after departed in-house lawyers…

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