A September CLE in Salt Lake City with Dennis, Me, and Other Important People!

By David Hricik, Mercer Law School

I’m happy to announce, and hope to attend in-person, the CLE described below in Salt Lake City.  While virtual CLEs have their benefits, I miss seeing and interacting with folks, and hope we can get close to normal soon. But, it’s also available virtually and looks to be a good mix of practical and conceptual work! Here’s their announcement:

The Elevate Your Prosecution 2021 conference on patent prosecution will be held in the Murano room of the Grand America in Salt Lake City on Friday, September 24 – Saturday, September 25.

We are expecting and pending for 14 hours of Utah CLE. The roster of speakers includes Dennis Crouch, John Duffy, David Hricik, and John White. The full agenda follows below, and more details are at www.elevateyourprosecution.com.

We invite you to register at your earliest convenience for the in person event (about 40 spaces remaining), the speakers dinner Friday night (about 8 spaces remaining), or the webcast.

You can register at www.elevateyourprosecution.com/registration/

The agenda:

Friday, September 24, 2021:

1.1    Michael Spector and Julie Burke (Petition.ai LLC): Deep Dive into Strategies for Successful Petitions at the USPTO

1.2.   Dan Tucker (Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP): Realities of Succeeding in PTAB Trials 1

1.3.   Mike Bohn (VLP Law Group LLP): Surviving, Pivoting, and Thriving in the Changing Global IP Marketplace

1.4.   Dan Tanner (Tanner IP PLLC): The Ethics of Educating Clients about Patent Vulnerabilities – a Litigator’s Perspective

1.5.   James Long (Li & Cai IP Group, PTAB.US): A Memory Palace Approach to PTAB Case Citations and Holding Statistics

1.6.   Andrew Godsey (Global Technology Transfer Group) and Clarke Nelson (InFact Experts LLC): Comprehensive Overview of Modern Patent Valuation

1.7.   Margaret Polson (Polson Intellectual Property Law PC): Overview of Design Patents for Software-Related Inventions

1.8.   Travis Banta (former USPTO) and Kip Werking (FisherBroyles, LLP): Using Persuasion and the USPTO Count System for Successful Examiner Interviews – an Examiner’s Perspective

Saturday, September 25, 2021:

2.1.    Scott McKeown (Ropes & Gray LLP): Realities of Succeeding in PTAB Trials 2: Prosecuting for the PTAB

2.2.    David Hricik (Mercer Law School): Academic Perspective on Patent Valuation 1: Recent Legal and Technological Changes Reducing Patent Value

2.3.    John Duffy (University of Virginia School of Law): Academic Perspective on Patent Valuation 2: Historical Overview of File Wrappers for Famous Patents

2.4.    Adam Mossoff (George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School): Academic Perspective on Patent Valuation 3: Implications of the New Paradigm of Patents as Public Rights in the Administrative State

2.5     Ron Katznelson (President at Bi-Level Technologies): Pecuniary Interests of PTAB Judges – Empirical Analysis Relating Bonus Awards to Decisions in AIA Trials

2.6.    Robert Greenspoon (Flachsbart & Greenspoon, LLC): Past and Future Constitutional Challenges in Patent Law

2.7.    John White (CEO & Managing Director at PCT Learning Center): Overview of the Benefits Today of Relying More Heavily on the PCT

2.8.    Dennis Crouch (University of Missouri School of Law): To Be Determined

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Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law. Formerly Of Counsel, Taylor English Duma, LLP and in 2012-13, judicial clerk to Chief Judge Rader.

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