And on the General Ethics Front…

Some recent news from the broader ethics world:

  • An article on salary trends by Northwestern Adjunct Professor and former Kirkland & Ellis partner Steven J. Harper, from Belly of the Beast, his blog.  One breathtaking point:  " The median starting salary for law firms of all sizes dropped from $130,000 in 2009 to $85,000 in 2011." If you haven't been following it, there are suits against law schools for over-stating salaries employment statistics generally.  ( I am not a numbers guy, but eventually realized that, given the bi-modal distribution of salaries, why we reported medians.  No one actually made the median of (say) $85,000; many made $150,000, and a huge number more made $50,000.)
  • A special report article on the equity gap between men and women in biglaw.


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