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PatentLawPic120I’ve enjoyed reading Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine for the past few months and met up with Joff Wild (Editor) and Gavin Stewart (Publisher) at the recent Ocean Tomo auction in Chicago.

IAM’s focus is on monetizing and managing intellectual property on a global scale. Or, in their words, “how IP can be best managed and exploited in order to increase company profits, drive shareholder value and obtain increased leverage in the capital markets.” The magazine has a bent toward strong IP rights – but its real focus is on how business and finance interplay with intellectual property.

The annual subscription price is £385 — but IAM has offered a 20% discount to Patently-O readers. Contact Alan Mowat with keyword “Patently-O” to subscribe. A short trial is also available.  (Unfortunately, I don’t get any kickback from this one…).


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  1. IAM is truly executing on its mission to provide thought-provoking articles that focus on the importance of the interactions among legal, business and financial issues to realize intangible asset value. The Intangible Asset Finance Society also focuses on the intangible asset legal/business/finance interplay. IAFS members, which represent a cross-section of IP attorneys, lenders, insurance carriers, insurance brokers, investors, valuation experts, consultants, and licensing professionals, provide one article per issue to IAM magazine. IAFS also hosts very thought-provoking conferences to discuss topics addressed in IAM magazine articles. The IAFS web site is

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  3. Dennis,

    IAM is a very interesting journal to read. Many different IP topics are reviewed that relate to worldwide (not just U.S.) IP issues.

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