Musical Interlude on Patent Law

Its a bit crude and uses a few words that may offend patent attorneys, but its not often that we get Patent Law related music videos — especially ones with a Kappos cameo:


17 thoughts on “Musical Interlude on Patent Law

  1. Well I for one hope they truly do file and that I get the case.
    I will have to spend hours…maybe days searching NPL on the Internet for prior art. I wonder if I can get STIC to send me back issues of Playboy Magazine?

  2. The congress is definately pimping inventors in the aia and previous legislation and uspto practice

  3. Brilliant! I ignored this when I saw it on abovethelaw, but since it was posted here I decided to check it out (albeit on mute).

  4. I see that the USPTO efforts at reducing pendency rates are working…just have someone at a desk with a stamp. Brilliant!

  5. Yes – 3:24

    The dude’s facial expression is on point.

    But for all the fine production, they couldn’t use a ribbon copy?

  6. Well, where does one start?

    1) We are all prior art for that particular invention, unless you are a clone perhaps;

    2) That isn’t where the customer window is. Trust me, I am the guy pulled up outside it just before midnight;

    3) The ‘letters patent’ were laughable, but prosecution was very rapid; and

    4) Has Kappos actually seen this???

    Of course, it’s all done for a laugh, so I realise these comments are a waste of time really.

  7. I like it. Not the best, but not the worst.

    I also like how the girl got the patent on sex. I’ll pay her royalties ;)

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