17 thoughts on “Judge Rader Retires

  1. The only RPI Engineer I never questioned……next we need a Union College grad…….

  2. I’m sorry to see Judge Rader go. He was an effective and personable representative for the CAFC, and I often agreed with his decisions too. Plus, the given the slow pace of approvals in Congress, they will be short a judge for a long time.

    I wonder which firm he will join. Anyone want to take bets?

      1. Ditto. Other than Judge Newman, there’s no one the Federal Circuit willing to “face off” against those on that court who won’t uphold what the patent statutes. That goes double for any Federal Circuit judge standing up to the malarkey from Our Judicial Mount Olympus.

  3. Well I have to say, sorry to see him go. He sure made a good run of it!

    I wonder if he’ll join Team Michel and beat the pro-patent maximilization drum?

    1. No, too soon, no matter how much time has passed.

      Because really whenever anyone questions “too soon,” *he* (or she) is waiting to be able to publicly laugh at *someone else’s* tragedy. Malicious when you look at it in the true light.

      Anyway, no need for speculation. Rader is going to travel the world on someone else’s dime (nothing wrong with that) – he’ll be living his dream, while others drone away until the day they die.

      “The bottom line is that I was not happy after leaving the Chief position and it hit me that I need to leave while I am young and full of energy to change the world.

      With that in mind, my plan for the future is to Teach And Teach And Teach. I have always taught a week in Munich every May. And I hope to teach April and December at Tsinghua (hopefully Guobin will let me teach two classes, not just one – maybe an IP survey course – TM and copyright too– or even US Constitutional law or jurisprudence or Civil PRO); November at Tongji and East China; October Taiwan and Korea; September at Tokyo U; and January in India (with Modi in power I am even going to give India another chance). In addition, I might hope that London, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and others will also get on my list.

      You can see that this schedule will have me teaching somewhere different almost every month. My Dream Job: travel, friends, and teaching – what I love! I will not need to be paid at these places; I can teach just for the expenses of travel. I am not rich but can live on my continuing salary. Thus, I should be attractive to these universities because I offer a high quality course at a reasonable expense. I would plan to teach a 20-hour course – 4 hours a day for 5 days then I can administer an exam and give grades too. I did not mention US law schools, but a couple of them have reached out to me too and I may do some of that as well.

      As you can gather, I consider myself RICH, not because I have any money (you know that I have lived on a government salary all my life) but because I have many friends, including you (although I hate to admit that I have a friend who is a journalist, so can we keep this a secret between you and me?).”

      link to iam-magazine.com

      He will be changing the world, while MM and 6 kick dust into a tempest (or at least a small dustcloud) in a teapot.

      1. Laughing at other’s tragedy is human nature.

        Just because you may think it unsavory, will not change human nature.

        Here, the jest while at the expense of Judge Rader, was not directed at Judge Rader.

        Just read some of my posts concerning his choice to step away from his role as Chief Judge to see that I hold a deep respect for the man.

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