Study on Patent Trolls and the Criticism Begins

An article with links to the study is here.  It is a pithy critique of the study, imho.  Basically he says:  just because you prove there is less money in VCs than there would be without threats of infringement doesn’t prove there wouldn’t be threats of infringement absent trolls.

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One thought on “Study on Patent Trolls and the Criticism Begins

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    When a consultant hired by Google to write a piece on PAE’s claiming they harm investment in startups, one must pause and consider. And then when it appears that an association of venture capitalists as that the reformist legislation is going to cause them harm, one begins to see the bigger picture.

    I wonder whether Congress can be fooled by this kind of nonsense.

    It is almost the same thing when the big companies argued that little companies would be benefited by the AIA when almost all the little companies argued just the opposite.

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