Need 3 hours of Ethics CLE? (Self-promotion warning).

I do a lot of speaking on ethics, mostly on ethical issues in patent prosecution and litigation.  I’ve worked with for decades now (they were I think the first on-line provider), and I put together what I think is a cool presentation on the impact of technology on practice.  You can take it here.  (California, Texas, and perhaps other states are pre-aproved but read the fine print.)

Their ad is below…  (My article about how innovation affects patenting is coming out soon, they say, all 294 footnotes of it.)

** available on demand any time of day and in time increments convenient to you ** is pleased to present a special online legal ethics program in which Professor David Hricikaddresses the myriad of practical ways that technology creates ethical issues for practicing lawyers. Professor Hricik discusses both the potential major trends — artificial intelligence changing daily legal practice, and technological developments like driverless cars potentially reducing car accidents which could affect entire practice areas — as well as the more immediate concerns. The latter includes the risks of communicating with clients while they are at work, inadvertent transmission of email, metadata (“hidden” confidential information in things like Word documents), cloud storage, and dealing with negative on-line reviews. This presentation mixes humor, fear, and practical tips to give 3 solid hours of Legal Ethics that matter and are immediately relevant to your law practice. The course features streaming video and audio (as well as downloadable MP3 audio) presentations.

Some of the subjects for this course include:

  • Exponential Change and Impact
  • A Future Full of Legal Disruption?
  • What Will Ethically, Successful Lawyering Require?
  • Hackers, Passwords, and Lawful v. Unlawful Interception
  • Invisible Confidential Information: “Metadata” and Related Issues
  • Confidentiality: How Many Vulnerabilities?
  • Due Diligence and Cloud Storage
  • Responding to Unhappy Clients
  • Litigation-Specific Technology Ethics
  • Evidence Everywhere … Wearable Devices
  • Social Media: Practical Tips and Pitfalls
  • The Law You Really Must be Prepared for Will Happen Before It’s Written About

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The speaker for this course is Professor David Hricik, of Mercer University School of Law in Macon, Georgia. Professor Hricik was elected to the American Law Institute in 2016. He has authored the only treatise on ethical issues in patent litigation, and co-authored the only treatise on ethical issues in patent prosecution. In addition to serving leadership positions on ethics committees with the AIPLA and ABA and serving as an expert witness, he has written dozens of articles and given well over 100 presentations on issues at the intersection of ethics and patents. His articles and testimony have been adopted by both state and federal courts.
This course is approved for credit by the MCLE Committees of the STATE BAR OF TEXAS and the STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA (MCLE Provider #8648). These are not self-study credits, but rather ‘participatory’ credits as you would receive for attending a traditional, live CLE seminar.

In addition, regular CLE credits for this seminar may also be available in a number of other states through CLE Reciprocity, such as FLORIDA, or as an “Approved Jurisdiction”, such as TENNESSEE.  Please check with the Tennessee State Bar for accreditation information.

About David

Professor of Law, Mercer University School of Law. Formerly Of Counsel, Taylor English Duma, LLP and in 2012-13, judicial clerk to Chief Judge Rader.

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