Portus’s suit against Kenyon & Kenyon Dodges Dismissal on Pleadings

Portus filed suit against the now defunct (I think) firm of Kenyon & Kenyon. The complaint has morphed but now alleges, basically, that the firm failed to timely seek PTA and at the time it did so, had a conflict of interest by representing another company in the same “domain.”  The amended complaint is here.  The denial of the motion for judgment on the pleadings is here, from June.

It is not clear to me what, if anything, the impact of the alleged conflict is.  The case looks, in some respects, similar to Vaxxion v. Foley & Lardner (which does not appear to be on line besides pay sites), where, basically, the plaintiff took the position that a firm could only have one client in any particular “space,” but never pointed to anything concrete besides that fact.

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