Independent Inventors Beware

The USPTO has urged independent inventors to beware of commercial invention-promotion services. The patent office warns people to examine the disclosures that invention promoters are now required to give to potential clients. They include: How many inventions they have evaluated; How many of those inventions received positive or negative evaluations; The total number of customers; How many of those customers received a net profit from the promoter's services; and How many of those customers have licensed their inventions because of the promoter's services. The Wichita Eagle, Eric Heels and Nipper have the story.

Daniel Sorid (Reuters) has a story about some big-time invention acquisition firms. (These firms are not the scammers that the USPTO warned against.)

2 thoughts on “Independent Inventors Beware

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    Looking for some information for Patent Trademark Insititute of America.

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    As a recent recipient of Patent, pursuing licensing of my device and methods-I find it somewhat daunting in the low- tech field in all areas. Funding,negotiating,networking at proper level etc. Still thru it all, I have made inroads but wonder if this is the state of IP in high-tech and low- tech fields? Funding issues are a little less intim- idating in high-tech, it’s where the money goes. But for my invention which is tile trim it is clearly low tech. Although it fits the criteria for success,in that it solves problems and has appeal to corporations. I find it incredibly tough to solve the invention chasm at the early stages. No wonder many people bite off to the invention submission types.

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