Patent It Yourself Book Review

PatentItYourself Patent It Yourself
by David Pressman
2005 (11th edition)
Paperback 512 Pages

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Book Review: When I arrived back from two-years of service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa with the naive idea of becoming a patent attorney, the first book that I purchased was Patent It Yourself.  The book is written in a very optimistic tone and is easy to read.  It sharpened my already keen interest in the field and gave me an opportunity to learn basics of patent law terminology and practical patent application practice.  When I wrote my first patent application, this book was there by my side.  I have to say that Patent It Yourself is still the best introductory resource book that I have seen for an inventor or new patent professionals.

Caveat: This book is an introduction and is missing many important details of the patent application process.  Rely on it to become familiar with the field but do not use it as your treatise or reference guide. ** Finally, despite the title, do not take this book as a replacement for an experienced patent attorney **

Who should read Patent It Yourself:

  • Inventors (regardless of whether you are working with a patent attorney).
  • New patent agents or techies thinking about joining the field.
  • Litigators moving into patent litigation.

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