Federal Circuit Annual Conference

I’m sorry that I can’t make it to Thursday’s Federal Circuit Judicial Conference at the Grand Hyatt in DC. The program looks excellent, including discussions from most of the Federal Circuit Judges, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, Congressman Issa, David Kappos, BPAI Director Smith and many others.  Perhaps most interesting will be a set of mock-oral arguments before a set of German judges followed by a discussion of differences. Register at the conference for $425. http://pacer2.cafc.uscourts.gov/conf/



18 thoughts on “Federal Circuit Annual Conference

  1. why not call it “triennial,” or “sassafras,” for that matter, if your context will “clearly reveal” your meaning?

    You see, word selection matters, as does a precise understanding of vocabulary.

  2. Good work. Keep citing dictionaries that include the incorrect definition. Excellent advocacy.

  3. The photo was not a reason, in fact I haven’t seen it. Rather I would place the blame on British culture and the tendency to interpret things in all possible ways.

    This, combined with the many meanings of many (most?) words, makes for careful writing.

  4. 2.
    occurring every two years; biennial.

    Why use a word to mean the mathematical reciprocal of itself when there’s a different and perfectly unambiguous term available?

    We’re patent agents. Words (and dictionaries) are our servants, not our masters.

  5. As for the appropriate workds of reference I expect these are not entirely suited in this forum…

    I think you’ll find they’d be non-suited in almost any forum.

  6. Euro, I wonder, was it photos of the flame-haired Editor, Rebekah Brooks, that prompted that remark?

    I used that word as yet another way to illustrate that what people understand, and what the dictionary (work of reference) says, are not always the same thing.

    As we all know (nudge nudge, wink wink) there are a great many forms of intercourse, not just social intercourse.

  7. Interesting choice of words. If a man needs guidance in his intercourse it is rather sad.

    As for the appropriate workds of reference I expect these are not entirely suited in this forum…

  8. Good laughs here today. Before we go any further, let’s first agree shall we, as to what is the function of a dictionary?

    Does anybody here use a dictionary to teach them how to write clearly and without ambiguity? I hope not. Many folks use words “incorrectly”. But when more and more of them do it, then the dictionary compilers will “do their job” by including the “incorrect” meaning as one of the meanings of the word in question. Confusion spreads. And so it goes.

    BTW, did you gather that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron had been signing with “LOL” his mails to his horse-riding companion, the Editor of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid “The Sun”. Being old-fashioned, he thought it meant “lots of love”. He would have been wiser first to have consulted the appropriate works of reference, to guide him in his intercourse.

  9. Thanks for the advice. Here’s a second dictionary definition for you:

    adj \(ˌ)bī-ˈan-yə(-wə)l\

    Definition of BIANNUAL
    : occurring twice a year
    : biennial 1

    Examples of BIANNUAL

    The group holds biannual meetings in December and July.

    The art show is a biannual event that won’t happen again for two more years.

    link to merriam-webster.com

  10. wow. I hope you don’t submit briefs like this. If you know anything about English, you should know that biannual does NOT mean “once every two years.”

    Here’s a writing tip for you, Mr. Dhuey:

    link to writing.lifetips.com

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