8 thoughts on “Speaking Monday at Akron Ohio at the Sughrue IP Conference

    1. The line between commies-in-practice (to differentiate between the pure philosophy and that philosophy in action in the real world) and fascists-in-practice (ditto) is imperceptibly thin.

    2. My definition of a commie: Someone who found no fault in the Third Reich so long as the pact between the USSR and Germany stood, then changed their position entirely when Germany invaded.

      A commie ignores the mass executions of Catholics by the North Vietnamese while mounting anti-aircraft guns to shoot down the aircraft of the imperialists who come to their aid.

      A commie distances himself from the French revolution only because the reign of terror is condemned by history.

      A commie will fight anarchists even as the fascists close in on Madrid.

      A commie is always be more equal that others.

      And best of all, a commie is a craven hypocrite, a cynical practicer of double think.

      I was there in Chicago when the SDS came to our campus. That was my first exposure to raw communism, and you better believe I was shocked and appalled.

  1. Will you address the ethical implications of being a Federalist and how that might impact the ability to spot conflicts?

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