Thank you foliovision

By Dennis Crouch

Many of you have noticed our new blog format and comment structure. In the background, we have also installed new servers and a system that allows the blog to present well on all sorts of screen sizes, including hand held devices. For those of you with sensitive eyes, the comments are hidden unless requested. This is also intended to make printing more straightforward. Those 25,000+ who see the blog only through the email distribution will not notice much of any difference. [Subscribe here]. The Job Board remains quite active as does David Hricik’s Ethics site. [Note, for instance, Hricik’s most recent final post on Section 101].

The changes are a result of the hard work of Ryan Swarts, who is both a lawyer and design professional, and also the hard work of foliovision. The folks at foliovision provided full service and hands-on conversion from my legacy Typepad system over to WordPress. With over 4,000 posts, 150,000 comments, and several thousand additional media files, the conversion was not simple. However, foliovision handled these well and have worked well with us through the few inevitable bugs. As some of you know, I try to run the blog on a shoestring budget. It is helpful then that foliovision’s price was really good too. Thanks foliovision!