Petitions filed under MPEP 1002.02(b)

It appears that the USPTO had (or is having) some office trouble handling petitions filed under MPEP 1002.02(b). If you submitted a 1002.02(b) petition after June 20,2003 that has not been answered, the Office invites you to send them an "email alert."

The email should be sent to:
The email should include: Application number; Date of petition; and CFR code under which the petition was filed.

A single email may be used for all of your petitions. Other information in the email will not be considered. A sample email is shown in the notice. (PDF); EFS Help Desk: (703) 305-3028

Note: There are at least three types of petitions 1002.02(b), (c), and (r).

(b) petitions are decided by the office of the deputy commisioner for examination policy.
(c) petitions are decided by the technology centers.
(r) petitions are decided by the office of publications.

Some examples of 1002.02(b) petitions include: petitions to revive, petitions for express abandonment, etc. (a total of 32 types are listed in the MPEP).