PTO Address

The USPTO has announced that revisions have been made to the list of mail stops.

The mail stops that should no longer be used are: Mail Stop Application Number, Mail Stop CPA, Mail Stop Design, Mail Stop Non-Fee Amendment, Mail Stop PGPUB-ABD, Mail Stop Patent Application, and Mail Stop Provisional Patent Application. Mail Stop Non-Fee Amendment has been changed to Mail Stop Amendment.

In addition, Mail Stop PGPUB-ABD has been changed to Mail Stop Express Abandonment and all requests and petitions for an express abandonment under 37 CFR 1.138 should be directed to Mail Stop Express Abandonment or transmitted by facsimile to (703) 305-8568. Lastly, Mail Stop L&R and Mail Stop Post Issue have been established.

Additionally, a new mail stop has been established: Mail Stop Post Issue. (PDF)

Correspondence that should be directed to Mail Stop Post Issue includes correspondence in applications that have issued as a patent, such as requests for changes of address (other than a fee address, which should be addressed to Mail Stop M Correspondence), powers of attorney, revocations of powers of attorney, withdrawal of attorney, and submissions under 37 CFR 1.501.

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