Patent Analyst – Other – Remote

IP Edge LLC Overview | SignalHire Company ProfileIP Edge LLC is seeking a patent analyst director to work remotely.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ability to understand patents and claim construction
  • Ability to mine patent portfolios, identify patents of value, develop infringement theories, and prepare claim charts
  •  Ability to deep dive into technology, e.g., electrical and software technologies, standards (e.g., WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth) to construct claim charts
  • Ability to defend claim charts to counsel, provide support where needed for claim interpretations
  • Ability to have an understanding of patent damages, to differentiate high value patents from low value patents
  • Ability to understand company business objectives and identify patents that read on particular industries or companies, and construct licensing campaigns against such industries or companies


  • Remote position, online access
  • Prior patent analyst experience preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to anticipate questions and issues
  • When instructions aren’t clearly conveyed, be able to ask clarifying questions
  • Organized, attention to detail and can multi-task
  • Proficient with Microsoft office: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Must be willing to improve constantly and strive to exceed ever rising performance threshold
  • Must be able to adapt to what may seem to be continual changes in direction and strategy without compromising performance
  • Resourceful problem solver
  • Can work independently with limited oversight

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Additional Info
Employer Type: Other
Job Location: Remote