Patent Grant Estimate for 2013: 267k Utility Patents

The chart below shows the number of utility patents issued each calendar year with an estimate for 2013 based upon the first 12 weeks of the year.

15 thoughts on “Patent Grant Estimate for 2013: 267k Utility Patents

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    Dont hold your breath I am the one who brought us everything so far and oboma and congress have put nothing into invention conception so the pipeline is empty of the significant invention although my original technological inventions are still producing sub inventions if you want to see the 100000 color patern flower or the 10000 minor variation of a drug and so on. Nothing in parent conceptions is occuring and without that subinvention cant occur. We see virtually no new invention on the invention news section anywhere compared to 200 per year in 2004

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    Increase in patents = increase in technological innovation. This is so exciting – I can’t wait until we can all have personal jet-packs and flying cars just like the Jetsons. I feel so lucky to live in America with our patent system – the Chinese, Germans, Japanese, etc., have nothing on Americans – with the incentive of patents, our relentless technological innovation is being unleashed onto the entire world. It’s because of patents that we have Apple Computer, Intel, Amgen, Microsoft, etc.

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    Yes, because filing “patents” is what it is all about.

    Perhaps you can join the manhunt PB and find that short list of one modern advanced country that has seen the light and chucked all IP law.

    Hurry back now.

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    Patent terms should be like, copyright – something like the life of the inventor + 70 years. And there should be criminal penalties (serious Jail time) for patent infringement.

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    Yes indeed rejections are stiffling regression to inovation when unjustified. Every effort needs to be taken to insure the valuable patents are awarded not rejected and stolen because there is no market restriction and other individules will use the invention without compensation clearly if rejections occur the non usage of the item must last 20 years at least nothing is obvious its obviously being stolen and in many cases run back in time an issue that was never delt with in reform

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    Yes file more just as soon as the congressmen fix what they just did in the aia passage and now the Shield act. Correction more patents mean more jobs when the subject matter is marketable and thats rare and getting rarer because nobody is investing in my company so no progress and IPOs

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    It’s common sense that more patents clearly means more innovation and more jobs.:)

    Everybody should file more patents.

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    “In his blatant effort to stoke the fires of his fellow anti-patent leftists who infest the ivory tower of macademia, Prof. Crouch conveniently ignores the record number of rejections that will be mailed to patent applicants in 2013.”

    James B. R. McPatentman, Esq.
    aka “The Harriet Tubman of Software Patent Law”
    CEO, Institute for the Elimination of Perceived Anti-Patent Bias, LLC

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    …because no one has ever taken information and misconstrued it in other venues for other purposes…



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    I am still plotting to fix the reform effort into a inventor usable patent system with a bunch of industrial goons and paid legislative representatives plotting to hide there IP thefts of mine from the public and not face financial conquences.

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    Let me be the first to complain that you didn’t plot something different than what you chose to plot.

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    Certianly an impressive number but what is the real toll in patents producing jobs revenues and exports. Almost zero I will wager. Just sting patents and thicket patents. the only ones that are critical and valuable are not being produced due to the race to the patent office that leaves the true conciever in the dust broke and pennyless and regretting filing in the first place nice job congress and Oboma. when you leave the inventor out of the reform effort you get all corruption

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