Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins

Jury Orders Newegg To Pay $2.3 Million To TQP Development

  • The online retailer Newegg has lost a patent case centering on Web encryption, after a Texas jury rejected its argument that a claim from the company TQP Development was invalid. The jury ordered Newegg to pay $2.3 million. Newegg's Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng stated that "the company does not agree with the verdict and they fully intend to take the case up on appeal and vindicate our rights." [Link]

No Patent Trolls in Nebraska!

  • Nebraska's Attorney General Jon Bruning wants to start a task force to end, what he calls patent scams. Bruning, states that, he "plans to call for a coalition of states, like with the tobacco cases," referring to the partnership of state attorneys general that collected billions from cigarette makers in the 1990s as compensation for health-care costs related to treating smokers. [Link] [Link]

Teaching Fellow for Stanford Law School LLM Program in Law, Science and Technology

  • The Teaching Fellow for the Stanford Law School LLM Program in Law, Science and Technology will work with candidates in the LLM specialization in Law, Science and Technology. The fellow will assume significant academic, advising and administrative responsibilities. He or she will be responsible for organizing and teaching two quarters of a colloquium addressing current issues and scholarship in intellectual property, cyberlaw, bioethics, and related fields.  The fellow will also organize and facilitate informal workshops, outside speakers, and academic and social events; be responsible for day-to-day administrative management of the LLM program; advise and counsel LLM candidates on academic and personal issues; respond to inquiries from prospective LLM applicants; and interact with our faculty in support of the LLM program goals and needs. The fellow will work with the Executive Director of International Graduate Programs, and under the supervision of the Faculty Director of the Law, Science and Technology program. The fellow will also fully participate in the admissions process, working under the guidance of the Associate Dean for Admissions to admit the new class. Although this is a full time position, the fellow should have a reasonable amount of time to conduct his or her own research, and will have ready access to affiliated faculty for that purpose.

    Candidates for this position are expected to have strong academic records and references.  Professional experience in the area is also valuable. This position is intended primarily for people who expect to pursue an academic career in a field that is reasonably related to the specialization and who hold a JD, JSD or LLM from a U.S. law school.  Applicants are expected to commit to this position in one year increments, starting in August 2014, with a two-year commitment preferred.

    Those interested should apply by letter, summarizing their complete educational qualifications and experience, as well as any other information that might help us in making selections. Each applicant should also send us an official law school transcript, a resume, copies of any publications, and three letters of recommendation (at least two from law professors) commenting on the applicant's suitability for the position in terms of teaching ability, analytic capability, interpersonal skills, and writing ability.

    Apply by January 15, 2014! Your application package should be sent to:

Upcoming Events:

  • IQPC is hosting its Patent Infringement Litigation Summit on December 9th and 10th in San Francisco. The Summit will bring together in-house counsel from major companies, law firm attorneys and representatives from other vendors to facilitate strategy and information sharing among these key stakeholders. [Link]
  • American Conference Institute is holding its Advanced Forum on Modern Patent Litigation Practice on December 10-11, 2013 in New York, NY. The American Conference Institute's (ACI's) Advanced Forum on Patent Litigation is the only event that advises all litigators, be they in-house or outside counsel, of the changing landscape of patent litigation caused by recent legislation, government agency guidelines, and court determinations. This conference will not only serve as the standard for Patent Litigation Conferences going forward, but also as an annual meeting place for the "who's who" of the industry. [Link]
  • IBC Legal is hosting the 5th annual International Patent Litigation conference on 10th & 11th December 2013 in London. Register with 10% discount at: [Link]
  • Momentum Event Group is hosting its conference IP Counsel Exchange for Biosimilar Applicants & Sponsors on January 23-24 in New York. Register with discount code PJ10. [Link]
  • IBC Legal will hold its 22nd annual Biotech $ Pharmaceutical Patenting Conference February 25 & 26 in Munich, Germany. The keynote speaker will be Heli Pihlajamaa, Director of Patent Law at the European Patent Office. [Link]
  • Momentum Event Group is hosting its conference The IP Counsel Summit on Post-Grant Patent Challenges on February 27-28 in Paola Alto, CA. Register with discount code PJ10. [Link]
  • The Chisum Patent Academy is now accepting registrations for their 2014 Advanced Patent Law seminars, to be held
    • March 5-7, 2014: Cincinnati, Ohio
    • August 13-15, 2014: Seattle , Washington
    • August 18-20, 2014: Seattle, Washington

The Academy applies for 18 CLE credits in each state where seminars are held. [Link]