Get Your Own Statue of Chief Judge Rader (Bobblehead)

Santa Clara’s High Tech Law Center is giving away a couple of limited-edition Annotated Bobbleheads of Judge Randall R. Rader.  [Enter here].  (I should note that to enter you have to take some action such as liking them on The Facebook? Is that legal?).  According to my sources, Judge Rader has blessed this use of his likeness.  SCU HTLI - Randall Rader Annotated Bobblehead

5 thoughts on “Get Your Own Statue of Chief Judge Rader (Bobblehead)

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    They could equally placed him on a horse, ala Don Quixote, tilting at a windmill named the Supreme Court.

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      Yeah, Rader could be shown as Justice, blindfolded, but peaking; or better with one foot on a scale.

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