Patent Hacker – Small Corporation – San Francisco, Calif.

Lookout Mobile Security Lookout Mobile Securityis seeking a Patent Hacker. At Lookout, we build amazing products that help people all over the world stay safe while using their mobile devices. Every day, we're hard at work inventing new technologies and ideas that allow Lookout to be absolutely simple to use, but remarkably effective. Plus, the problems we get to work on are really fun.

The same way you might have title proving your ownership of a house or car, we care about having title to our inventions (i.e. patents). We certainly don't like the software patent shenanigans that have been going on lately, but at Lookout we're building real and valuable technology and we don't think it's fair for someone to come along and blatantly copy everything we work so hard to build. The way we use patents at Lookout helps protect our hard work and defend ourselves from frivolous lawsuits.

Patents are fun. Writing good patents is an extremely challenging, yet fascinating, problem. You need to take an invention and get to the heart of what makes it special, then figure out how to describe it in a sufficiently broad way to capture the whole invention (and not just a particular implementation) while making sure there aren't easy ways to design around it. We call it patent hacking because writing solid patents is a creative process that has a lot in common with building (and breaking) software—you need to think of all the ways you can make something work and all of the ways you can circumvent how it was designed to work.

What you'll do:
You'll take a leadership role, working directly with the Principal Patent Engineer, helping to build an extremely valuable patent portfolio focused on mobile devices.

Your goal will be to help turn ideas from people throughout the company (as well as your own) into valuable patents. You'll to help prioritize what we choose to patent, work with inventors to distill their ideas, then work with our patent counsel to file robust patent disclosures and participate in the prosecution process to get high quality patents issued. Of course, while on the path of inventing the future, you'll get to play with and hack on all of the latest smartphone, tablets, and web technologies.

• Have broad knowledge of how various types of software systems work. For example, you should have expert-level knowledge of how everything from backend web services to mobile device software and operating systems work. You probably have a software engineering background, though not necessarily.
• An excellent writer and grammarian with a penchant for clear, concise language.
• A reductionist thinker: be able to grok a complex idea, simmer it down to its essence, and carve it up into logical pieces. Thinking in metaphors helps.
• A hacker—you should have a mindset both of building things and trying to break them.
• Want to make the world a better place—at the end of the day, we measure our worth by our users' happiness.

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Additional Info:
Employer Type: Small Corporation
Job Location: San Francisco, California