Patently-O: The First Three Months of a Patent Resource

Today marks the end of the first quarter-year of this ‘Patently-O’ website. What began as a simple toy project has quickly evolved into a modestly successful site. During this time, I have written a brief summary of each patent law appellate opinion. In addition, many interesting unpublished appellate and published district court decisions have been reviewed. The result is about one case brief every two days.

Many times individuals involved in patent litigation are more interested in case law while those on the patent prosecution side may be more interested in patent office procedure. We monitor changes to patent office procedure and post them soon after they are announced. Changes can range from the minutia of mail stop address changes to commentary on changes in the rules for publishing patent applications.

Other types of information available on the site include articles and publications, patent legislation, patent drafting tips, and interesting inventions.

I believe that the beauty of this site is its spotlight on patent law issues. The narrow focus makes my job easier by reducing the amount of potential material, and it gives stability to the content of the site.


A stat-counter was not installed until about day 10, but it shows a total of 25,517 hits over the past 80 days. The (incomplete) visitor list includes over 475 corporations, 125 universities, 50 government agencies, and 190 law firms. This total does not include visitors who reach the site through a “feed reader” such as bloglines or Kinja.

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