6 thoughts on “Heres a total fluff article

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the excess information. I had not stopped to think that you were “only” a third year associate. However, I read the blog because of the quality of the selection of topics and the quality of the writing.

  2. I read your blog daily. It has helped me a lot. Whatever I cannot manage to read, I print and read later in train back to home. It keeps me well informed. Presently I am preparing myself for registering as a patent agent. Thank you for everything on blog.

  3. I also was surprised to learn of Dennis’s relatively junior status in the profession. His takes on patent law developments are well-grounded and show a good sense of what patent law is all about. He is providing a valuable service and deserves whatever career benefits he derives from his blog. I am a veteran patent prosecutor and read Dennis’s updates every day. Kudos, Dennis.

  4. “I go there almost every day,” says John Dragseth, a partner at Fish & Richardson’s Minneapolis office. “Patently-O is easily the best IP blog out there. It’s complete, it’s timely, it’s fair. He does not take wild positions but instead acts more as a patent law reporter. And the kid updates it every day, though he does not seem to work weekends.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The article about the blog may be fluff. But the blog that the article is about is decidedly unfluffy! Congrats on the well-deserved recognition for your excellent work.

  5. Too much information? No, I disagree — the article was very interesting. The only complaint I have is a minor one: the “clients” include scientists and enigneers like me who have to deal with IP issues on a daily basis. The information I have gleaned from the daily postings has been invaluable.

    Thanks, Dennis.

  6. kudos for your humility with regards to your fluff press coverage. Your hugely successful blog has opened lots of eyes and is a much more palatable marketing tool than many big firm efforts i have observed and in my previous big firm tenure at Cooley Godward llp, have had to endure. As a small IP litigation shop Day Casebeer, LLP (where i work as a paralegal) has been very successful , but still struggles when it comes to marketing. Hats off to you for bringing your firm tangible benefits in an informative and tasteful way, and perhaps relieving your firm brethren from having to join a less inspired marketing campaign launched by the now ever present (ugh )law firm marketing consultants

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