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  1. Dennis,

    I happen to like the idea. One possible change is to have a unique bullet design depending on the type of post. One thing for a recently decided case, another for proposed legislation, another for law review articles, etc.

    Nonetheless, great blog.

  2. A friend’s blog (unfortunately now taken down for personal reasons) had an “Active Discussions” sidebar instead of a “Recent Comments” sidebar. It would show the last commenter and last comment time for the last fifteen or so posts to have received any comments (so instead of showing ten comments, it would show the ten posts with the most recent comments, some of which might have fifteen or twenty new comments apiece). It might take a little coding, but I’m sure you would whip up something similar.

  3. I like the fact that the first item on the list of recent posts is in fact the list of recent posts. Nice recursive touch.

  4. “it would be really nice if those “you should” folks would just give it a rest.”

    My irony meter just exploded.

  5. This does not appear to be working for people who are reading this through a RSS feed. In Bloglines, at least, the headlines are missing. The post just displays as:

    “Recent Patently-O Posts

    By Dennis Crouch

    Any thoughts on whether this headline board is helpful?”

    (Obviously not helpful in these circumstances.)

  6. This blog has gone nuts. It just reminds me why I never hang out with patent attorneys. Its always “Just a suggestion, but…” and “you should…”. Here is a suggestion-get your own blog if you don’t like this one. The last few days of commentary and critique have been over the top, and it would be really nice if those “youi should” folks would just give it a rest.

  7. I agree with Opampman that it is redundant.

    I would like to see Recent Comments expanded to cover the last 25 (instead of 10) Comments for reasons set forth by Just an ordinary inventor.


  8. Given that there are only ten recent comments listed, if a reader misses reading a few hours of Patently-O, how can he readily determine, without looking at myriad threads, which prior threads may have had added comments when he returns? Sometimes comments get posted on threads many months old.

    I have some suggestions in mind if that would help.

    I’d bet most readers would be happy to pay a fee for extended Patently-O facilities. Even PACER charges $0.08 a page.

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