Peace Corps Fellowship for Law School at the University of Missouri

by Dennis Crouch

This is totally off topic, but may be relevant to you.

I am involved with our Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows program here at the University of Missouri. Our fellowship is an amazing opportunity for potential law students because we are offering and two-years of tuition free law school (with, I suspect an in-state waiver for the third-year), a small stipend for two years ($12,000 per year), and health insurance. The requirement is that you be a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and admitted to our law school. There is then a fairly painless selection and nomination process. I believe that we are the only law school in the country currently offering this opportunity for RPCVs. In addition to our IP curriculum, Mizzou Law is known for its dispute resolution program that is largely keyed to cross-cultural issues. We also have close ties with the MU Schools of Journalism, Public Policy, Public Health, and Social Work.

The fellowship can be awarded to folks who are just now returning from service as well as those who have been back for years.

Contact me if you are interested. All materials are due in February.

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Law Professor at the University of Missouri School of Law. Co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship.

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