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  1. I don’t want to patent my idea, but I want to share it with the world and prevent others from patenting it. What is the best approach? [Link]
  2. Who decides whether a patent is offered under FRAND terms? [Link]
  3. I lied on my inventor oath regarding inventorship, what does this do to my employer’s patent? [Link]
  4. What is differences between US8216392 and US7445677 (both directed to cleaning of a jet engine core)? [Link]
  5. Save Google: Prior Art on BT’s US6628314 – a Computer interface method and apparatus with targeted advertising. [Link]
  6. Prior Art for this claim: Chicken sternal cartilage-derived material comprising hydrolyzed collagen type II, said hydrolyzed collagen type II having an average molecular weight of between about 1,500 and 2,500 daltons. [Link]

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  1. More whining about the cell phone wars. Is this the ultimate in “technology”? Does the world revolve around who has the best cell phone?

  2. All commenters on this blog should know they are not getting legal advice. But I would be concerned about answering some of the above “Ask Patents” question-askers. Some of them are apparently not even aware of fundamentals of patent or copyright law, and/or are clearly seeking legal opinions about specific patents, and may well missunderstand an answer when they get it.

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