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Where Will the Patent Satellite Offices Open!

  • There currently is a lot of lobbying going on by politicians to bring the USPTO to their state. Lawmakers from Silicon Valley, Colorado and Texas are trying to win one of the two satellite offices, since Detroit already is entitled to an office under Leahy-Smith. Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, sent a letter to David Kappos trying to sell him on the Rocky Mountain State. Also California lawmakers Anna Eshoo and nine other from sent a letter to Obama making their pitch for Silicon Valley. [Link]

Beacon Navigation Files Suit Against Car Makers

  • On October 11th Beacon Navigation filed patent infringement suits against all the big name automobile manufactures. Beacon claims that automobile manufactures infringed either all or some of their patents including 5,819,201, 6,163,269, & 5,878,368. Beacon claims that because the GPS navigation systems in their products are specially adapted for an infringing use of each patent, and embody a material part of the inventions claimed in each patent. As noted by PriorSmart, Beacon is the first plaintiff to file a high volume of individual cases since the new joinder restrictions were enacted. [Complaint]

Mark T. Banner Scholarship

  • The Richard Linn American Inn of Court is proud to offer the Mark T. Banner Scholarship for law students. This scholarship is part of The Richard Linn American Inn of Court's commitment to fostering the development of intellectual property lawyers of high ethics, civility and professionalism, and especially those from diverse backgrounds. [Link]

Patent Jobs:

  • Harman International is seeking a patent attorney with at least 8 years of experience. [Link]
  • Klarquist Sparkman is searching for lateral patent associates or patent agents with at least 1-4 years of experience. [Link]
  • Klarquist Sparkman is searching for a patent attorney or patent agent with 3+ years of experience. [Link]
  • Lee & Hayes is looking for patent attorneys with at least 3 years of experience. [Link]
  • Withrow & Terranova is seeking patent attorneys or patent agents with at least one year of experience. [Link]
  • Trading Technologies is searching for a patent agent with 3-5 years of experience. [Link]
  • Trading Technologies is seeking a patent attorney with 3-5 years of experience. [Link]
  • Volpe and Koenig is looking for a Japanese patent paralegal with prior experience as a patent paralegal. [Link]

Upcoming Events:

  • The 2011 AIPLA Annual Meeting will be held October 20-22, in Washington, DC. The Annual Meeting will bring nearly 2,000 IP professionals together to meet, share, and connect with one another and provide insight into some of the most pressing issues facing our profession today! Over 100 IP Professionals, from corporations, law firms, universities, the courts, federal agencies, with expertise both domestically and internationally will be presenting on a varied landscape of IP issues. [Link]
  • American Conference Institute will be holding a FDA Boot Camp Device Edition conference on October 25th-October 26th in Chicago. (Patently-O readers can register with code PO 200 for a discount) [Link]
  • Licensing Executives Society (LES) will be holding their annual meeting on October 16-19 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Guest speakers include, Martha Ries, VP of IP Management, The Boeing Company and Barbara Dalton VP, Venture Capital, Pfizer. [Link]
  • The University of Texas at Austin will hold its 16th Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute on October 27-28. The program will cover: recent developments in claims construction and claims drafting, cost savings in litigation, inequitable conduct after Therasense, and many other topics. [Link]
  • IPMI is holding the IP Law & Management Institute on November 6th – 8th at the Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Springs, CA. Hailed as "One of the few programs geared to experienced in-house IP Counsel", the Institute is a CLE-accredited program designed to provide time-starved Heads of IP with the Opportunity to meet and network with their peers, learn from the best practices and validate solutions and services. [Link]
  • World Research Group, an official Patently-O Jobs sponsor, is hosting the 3rd Annual Social TechNet Intellectual Property Forum Nov. 16-17 in New York. This conference provides solutions to the most prevalent in-house software and online IP protection and management issues. (Patently-O readers can save $200 by using promo code ABY668) [Link]
  • IBC will hold a Standards and Patents Conference in London on November 16th & 17th. The conference will analyze the interplay between standards, intellectual property and competition law. There will be 28 speakers representing various organizations, such as, the European Commission, Mr. Justice Floyd, IBM, Qualcomm Europe, Nokia, GE Healthcare and Intel. (Patently-O readers receive a 10% discount) [Link]
  • IBC will hold a US Patent Reform Congress Conference on November 18th in London. The conference will focus in the impact of the Leahy-Smith America Invents for the European practitioner, with expertise from the EPO, AIPLA, USPTO and more. (Patently-O readers receive a 10% discount) [Link]
  • The American Conference Institute's 2nd Annual Forum on: Paragraph IV Disputes will be held in San Francisco on December 7th. Experienced faculty of renowned litigators and judges will guide attendees through every stage of a Paragraph IV challenge to help them formulate offensive moves and defensive plays. (Patently-O readers can receive a discount by registering with code PO 200) [Link]

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18 thoughts on “Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins

  1. 18

    As I was saying, A Business is not per say a Law firm. And I hired a Law Firm not an “Invent Scam Company.” I paid 4,000.00 for a Utility Patent. And all I got was… to tell you the truth Hal I still don’t know what I got.
    Congress knew that I hired a Lawyer not a Business. and the longer I sit in this BOX the smarter I get.So at least I have you all to thank for that.
    The good thing is the Scammers are more than likely being watched. So trying to make me lose my Mind is minimal. If you only knew all the things I can attribute to them you may understand. But then why would you give a RATS PATOOTIE! You only care about billable hours.

    Maybe this will print?

  2. 17

    But you know that was one time things worked a little in our favor. Jim knew the Guy that would take the Boat for the Fees. We got a call from SOUTH CAROLINA… He said he was a Trucker and the son of the guy buying the BOAT! I even *69 after he called. You should have seen that BOAT. It was so dirty, so disgusting, even looked like a set up. A Gun box, empty pill bottles for Hydrocodone I think? And a big hole in the Window for effect. But it looked like a set play to me. But of course Jim still don’t get it,any of it. Could be BYRD instead of BIRD. When I asked him to stop the hunting and dumping of dead Carcases that were hunted on my private Land. He said it was OK to dump dead carcasses in a pile. And our Property is marked NO HUNTING! Silly widdle wabbits tricks are free for you. What do you want me to do he said, set up a Camera… I said YAH! But you know how that goes… for silly widdle wabbits.

  3. 16

    Tying Laces here
    The Sew What, that was a plan that didn’t work. We were owed plenty. I even told Jim don’t use that money to set Bill paying. don’t buy anything we can’t afford because I have a feeling about this…. Then a FAKE SHOOT OUT at the OK Pickwick Corral. Does that equal Bird?
    Then we have the Census. Do they think not counting us would declare we were dead? That too has gone over like a Pb Balloon.

  4. 15

    Did I ever tell you about the last visit to Guerwoods? He was out on his back Porch. He was watching the CG. They were literally right in front of his view. They were practicing High Sea conditions right in front of us. Guerwood had a smile on his face. Obviously they were showing off, sticking it to me, blowing hard,etc. etc. etc. Now I’ll show them my Gale as in 3 drawing Search, no real IDS, no notary signing, extortion, bankruptcy, coercion, sixteen years of etc, etc, etc. !

  5. 14

    So that is a conspiracy. If John Wenzel sold my IP to someone else without me even notarizing it. The INTENT is SO SPECIAL. And then the same plays over and over again. Wenzel loses his License and whoever he sold it to kept it going with his help. Even at the Pier across from the High School. And to think he saved loads of Docking fees staying at the CG Station.

  6. 13

    November 22nd, 1995 approx. 7:00 P.M. John Wenzel calls. Never said “ANYTHING” about my Application.. only talked and talked about his Grandfather! That SOB! I was so angry. I told my husband can you believe that. He wanted to tell me about his Grandfather in Gloucester Mass, and how he lived right on the water! Watch him charge me for that! AND HE DID! Sixteen Years of my Life. Now I will find out exactly Who he set me up for to steal it!

    Now I know I spent one night there when I was very young. Hazels Donahues relatives. They came down every summer for a while. And they lived right across the street from the Water. I remember the night exactly. It was windy. The trees were making shadows on the Wall. I was so afraid I stayed awake the whole night. The following morning I went across to the Rocks and the Water. I may have been 5 years old.

  7. 12

    Gloucester! That is why J.R.Wenzel said his Grandfather lived in Gloucester. He was feeling me out to see if I knew I was adopted and from where! He set the trap right away. So why didn’t one of the Lawyers I was dealing with recognize what he did “AND DO SOMETHING?” I GUESS IT WAS MORE FUN WATCHING ME ROT FOR 16 YEARS?

  8. 11

    SDCC to Central Texas… back to SDCC… Then he is given a bug in the Ear.. Mississippi is for you.. THEN TWO YEARS TO THE DAY, THE MISSISSIPPI STATUTE HE IS LAID OFF. SO SPECAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 10

    “I did. I didn’t take a dump on California per se.”

    Of course not — for somebody living in San Diego.

  10. 9

    “If you build it, they will come.”

    Granted, this whisper was heard in a corn field, as opposed to a rye field.

  11. 8

    Sounds like just the kind of place to introduce some decent middle-class jobs. Revitalization FTW!

  12. 7

    “completely unnecessary, wasteful, and ridiculous satellite offices”

    Then you’re not thinking about it properly. If you put a satellite office in a low cost of living area, you may attract talent that you otherwise wouldn’t. An examiner’s salary isn’t so wonderful given the COL in the DC area. However, an examiner’s salary in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, etc. would give one a pretty decent lifestyle.

  13. 6

    SJC is an international airport. If you think Silicon Valley is a cultural desert, I presume you consider all culture to be in NYC. I do agree about the absence of public transportation. On the other hand, unlike NYC, there is parking available, so driving isn’t a nightmare.

    But really, the reason to put the office in Silicon Valley is that over 12% of patents filed by US entities originate with companies in Silicon Valley, and 25% of patents are from California.

  14. 5

    completely unnecessary, wasteful, and ridiculous satellite offices

    At this point (and for the past couple years), hiring people to dig up holes and fill them up again is better than the Feds doing next to nothing and far, far better than handing out more money and/or tax breaks and/or other gifts to the already wealthy.

  15. 4

    How timely. Came across this the other day:
    link to
    Detroit is #1, but I’m sure any of the other listed cities would make fine locations for the additional completely unnecessary, wasteful, and ridiculous satellite offices.

  16. 3

    Silicon Valley is the epicenter of advanced technology. Why not at least factor that in to your thinking.

    I did. I didn’t take a dump on California per se.

  17. 2

    Silicon Valley is the epicenter of advanced technology. Why not at least factor that in to your thinking.

    I work in Cupertino. You know who has an HQ there?

  18. 1

    Also California lawmakers Anna Eshoo and nine other from sent a letter to Obama making their pitch for Silicon Valley.

    Yes, let’s put a new government office in a cultural desert, lacking a major airport, where housing is absurdly expensive and public transportation is non-existent. Great idea!

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