Vote for Patently-O Today – Get Free Books! :)

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In the final two days of voting, Patently-O needs another 150 votes to win the American Bar Association's "Favorite" IP law blog. Gene & Renee Quinn's excellent IP Watchdog took the lead in the voting during the Holiday weekend with an offering of a free patent bar review course for votes in their favor. (Nobody reads Patently-O during the Holidays). 

What can I offer?: Free books!  I receive lots of interesting and excellent books in the mail. Two that I recently received from Oxford University Press (OUP) are the U.S. Patent Prosecutor's Desk Reference by Graham and Marlow and Patent Litigation in China by Douglas Clark. Each are listed at $225. 

To enter a drawing for the books, just vote for Patently-O in the IP Law Category and let me know via e-mail by Saturday (12/31) (

To vote, direct your browser to, complete the 15-second registration form (anon registration OK); locate the IP Law Category; and Vote.  

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For Republicans, think of this as a warm-up for next week's primary season.  For everyone else, this may be your most meaningful vote until November. 

PS: Get a second entry into the drawing by letting me know that you have posted the following to your Facebook or Twitter account: "Vote for Patently-O and mail @patentlyo to win $450 in patent law books.  Requires 15-second anon registration."