IP and Patent Attorney – Small Corporation – San Francisco, Calif.

Leap Motion Leap Motionis seeking an experienced patent and IP attorney. This position will report to the General Counsel and will serve in an important role for Leap Motion, creating an IP strategy for patent prosecution, trademark registration and copyright protection and drafting patent applications on an ongoing basis. The individual must have excellent writing skills, an extensive knowledge of patent law and practice, an interest in complex mathematical concepts, strong project management skills and the ability to communicate effectively with engineers.

Primary Duties:

• Develop and advance strategy for expanding Leap’s patent portfolio, set objectives and manage work to meet them.
• Work closely with engineers and management to identify inventions that may be patented.
• Conduct and review patent searches to refine applications.
• Draft provisional and non-provisional patent applications.
• Examine product roadmap to anticipate areas that may create patentable innovations.
• Copyright appropriate IP and register trademarks.

Job Requirements:

• Ability to understand, distill and describe complex technological inventions in clear prose.
• Passion for new technology and algorithms and the academic background to understand them.
• Excellent writing and communication skills.
• Efficient and disciplined work habits.
• Periodic travel to San Francisco.

Education and Experience:

JD and BA/BS or MA/MS Degree, preferably in Engineering or Computer Science and 7+ years of experience at a law firm or technology company.

The position will be based in New York City and will require periodic travel to San Francisco.

Apply online by visiting this link: http://leapmotion.com/jobs.html.

Additional Info:
Employer Type: Small Corporation
Job Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Leap Motion recently announced the world's most accurate 3D motion control technology. With sub-millimeter accuracy, real-time response rate and ten-finger mapping, the Leap is years ahead of its time, and fundamentally changes how humans interact with computers.

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In addition, we have had an overwhelming response from developers, with over 26,000 applications for our SDK.

In addition, we have had an overwhelming response from developers, with over 26,000 applications for our SDK who are looking to build revolutionary apps in the areas of 3D design/graphics, science/medical, games, robotics, AR/VR, data/imaging, education, art/music creation/presentations and many more -- all of which will kick start the LEAP App Store.

This is an once in a lifetime opportunity to completely change human computer interaction; we have the potential to disrupt all facets of technology, revolutionize many industries and have dramatic world impact.