Patent Agent or Patent Engineer – Law Firm – Grand Rapids, Mich.

McGarry Bair is looking for Patent Agents  or Patent Engineers  with emphasis in Electrical /Mechanical/ Aeronautical to help in protecting our clients' intellectual property. You will help analyze the patentability of inventions, including computer searching for related inventions, prepare and help prosecute patent applications, aid in assessing infringement risks for new products, and help guide the development of new products.

The Patent Agent or Patent Engineer positions are a desirable alternative for an engineer or scientist seeking a non-traditional, yet related profession. The job incorporates technical knowledge with analytical skills, and requires you to apply them in a variety of technical fields. You will need to learn new technologies quickly and be able to teach others as well. You must have strong reading and writing skills in the English language. Strong computer skills, especially computer searching and research skills, are necessary. We are looking specifically for those with education and/or experience in Electrical /Mechanical/ Aeronautical Engineering.

The best person for the job is able to succeed in a casual work environment with a client-focused, yet highly professional culture. You should enjoy working with small teams while being independently responsible for your individual tasks. We need a problem solver who is strategically agile, who enjoys variety, who is quick to learn and adapt, and who is unafraid to work intensely with quick responsiveness to rapidly changing client demands.

If you are already a Patent Agent, that is a real plus. However, for the Patent Engineer, no legal experience is required; we will teach you what you need to know. You must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or science (specifically Electrical /Mechanical/ Aeronautical Engineering); an advanced degree is a plus but is not required. Ability to read Japanese and Korean will be helpful. For the Patent Engineer, opportunities for advancement to become a Patent Agent registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office are available and encouraged.

Please send your resume and any questions about the position to Ann Hayes at:

Voice: 616-949-2525 Fax: 616-954-2824

Additional Info
Employer Type: Law Firm
Job Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

McGarry Bair PC is an Intellectual Property law firm in Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in all aspects of intellectual property law world-wide, including obtaining, enforcing, and defending patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and agreements. Our prime directive is responsive client service, which we accomplish with a team of hard-working and intelligent people who appreciate a relaxed, blue-jean culture, yet are able to thrive in an independent and sometimes intense work environment.