Upcoming Events

  • E-Discovery: On Wednesday, November 15 at 2:00 p.m. CT., Richard Carden and Jennifer Kurcz from MBHB will present a FREE one-hour webinar on how the new e-discovery rules will impact future litigation and discovery efforts. Register here: http://mbhb.netspoke.com/.  If you prefer, you can just read the new rules as of 12/1/06: link.
  • Blog Law: Still room for this two-day conference held in NYC and run by Cathy Kirkman. November 16–17.
  • Software Patents: Come visit my temporary home at Boston University Law School for an academic debate on the continued viability of software patents.  The results of this debate may well serve as the backbone of future legislative activities. Nov. 17. (Registration only $35).
  • 618L07-BOSBiotech Patents: Cut through the confusion of the myriad new challenges facing biotech patent practice. I’ll be there presenting.

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    Perhaps you could post links to the papers delivered at the November 17 conference or provide summaries of the debate.

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