Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 322

PatentlyO036Chicago Area Creative Achievement Award: The Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC) invites nominations for its 2010 Creative Achievement Award (formerly called the Inventor of the Year Award). In addition to recognizing inventors, the award is intended to recognize significant achievements in the creation of a trademark or service mark and related branding, marketing, and advertising activities, as well as achievements in literary, visual, musical, dramatic, and other arts protected by copyrights. The annual award may fall in any one of these categories for inventive/creative activity conducted in the Chicago metropolitan area. Details on criteria for the award and a nomination form are available on the IPLAC website. Nominations are due by Friday, March 12, 2010. IPLAC will announce the award winner at its Annual Meeting on May 4, 2010. Please email or call Marc Richards at 312.321.4729, chair of IPLAC's Creative Achievement Award committee, with any questions.

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4 thoughts on “Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 322

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    Whichever post gets the most spam comments is clearly the most popular. :P

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    I don’t know if it’s a “Bit” or a “Byte,” but IPToday released their annual patent firm rankings:

    link to

    I’ve never found these to be much of an indicator of anything firm-related, other than number of patents granted. Nonetheless, congrats to frequent commenter John Darling and his firm for the jump this year!

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