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Patent Backlog to fall below 600K by end of the year!

  • The current patent backlog is around 623,000 patents and is decreasing by an average of about 5,000 patents per month. This time last year the USPTO had a backlog of an estimated 683,000 patents and in 2010 it was 728,000 patents backlogged. By the end of the year the backlog should be under 600,000. The decrease from 2011 to 2012 is by almost 60,000 patents and this can be contributed to the hiring initiative that the USPTO implemented. The USPTO currently has around 7,600 patent examiners with plans to hire more in the near future. However, the patent backlog will be expected to start to slightly increase around March of 2013 due to the first-to-file patent system. [Link]

Great new free educational website!

  • offers online classes in many different subject matters online for free. For example, they offer courses in electrical and materials engineering, computer science, biology & life sciences, and many more. The classes are taught by some of the leading institutions in the world. Some classes even offer a certificate of completion. I am currently enrolled in a computer science course taught by faculty from the University of Toronto.

Patent Jobs:

  • Harrington & Smith is seeking a patent associate with a degree in EE or physics and at least 2 years of experience to work at their Shelton, Connecticut office. [Link]
  • Krieg DeVault is looking for an IP associate with 3-7 years of experience to work at their Indianapolis office. [Link]
  • Harrity & Harrity is searching for patent attorneys/agents with a background in EE, computer science, or physics and a minimum of 2 years of experience to work at their Fairfax, VA office. [Link]
  • Honigman is seeking a patent attorney/agent with a degree in EE or computer science to work at their Oakland Count, Michigan office. [Link]
  • Byrne Poh is looking for a patent attorney/agent with a degree in EE or computer science to work at their New York office. [Link]
  • The Ollila Law Group is seeking a patent attorney with an EE and at least 2 years of experience to work at their Boulder office. [Link]
  • Abel Law Group is seeking a chemical practitioner with 2+ years of experience to work at their Austin office. [Link]
  • Klarquist Sparkman is seeking an IP Litigation Associate with 1-2 years of experience to work at their Portland office. [Link]

Upcoming Events:

  • The Synopsis under IP/Patents Telecom Sourcing (SUITS) Conference is presented in conjunction with the ITEXPO on October 2 and 3, 2012 in Austin, Texas. The SUITS Conference provides a unique forum for innovators of in the field of telecommunications, including developers, executives, implementers, licenses, licensors, end users, and carriers, to learn about and discuss intellectual property issues. Key topics will include the changing patent law landscape, litigating in the telecom space post Apple v. Samsung, monetizing telecom patents and more. The conference includes moderators Christopher Douglas of Alston and Bird, Jeb Dykstra of technology Sector Law, Raffi Gostanian of Open Invention Network and Todd Juneau of Juneau Partners with guest speakers that include John Horvath of Google, Ross Barton and Stacey White of Alston and Bird, Robert Johnson of AmelioWave, Noreen Rucinski of Schneider Rucinski Enterprises and more.
  • The 13th Annual Maximizing Pharmaceutical Patent Lifecycles is scheduled for October 10-11 in New York. The conference will feature, Presentations from key representatives from the USPTO who will provide you with direct insights and the logic of this agency on some of most pressing life cycle management strategies that the industry is facing today, Analyses of recent critical cases affecting patent life cycle planning including: Caraco (use codes); Prometheus (subject matter eligibility); Sun Pharma (double patenting); Ariad (patentability); and Therasense (inequitable conduct) – and strategies for using these cases to your advantage and many more topics. [Link] (PatentlyO readers register for with PO 200 for a discount)
  • The University of Akron School of Law's Center for IP & Technology will host the 6th Annual IP Scholars Forum on October 26, 2012, from 9:00AM – 2:00 PM. The Forum's purpose is to bring together a small group of prominent scholars for intensive, high-level discussions on cutting-edge issues of common interest. This year's Forum will discuss "The Impact of IP on Public Health." Guest include: Frank Pasquale, Andrew Torrance, Jim Chen Jay Dratler, Jr., Katherine Van Tassel, and many others. [Link]
  • The IP Section of the Nevada State Bar is hosting its annual CLE program in Las Vegas on November 2. The program will have sessions on trademarks, the top 10 patent cases of the year, IP strategy war stories, and many more. Guest speakers include: Mary LaFrance, Marketa Trimble, Mikio Ishimaru, Sean Carter, Jason Smalley, and many others. [Link]
  • ACI's 14th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents will be held on November 28-29, in Boston. ACI's 14th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents brings together another top-notch faculty of expert biotech patent practitioners who will share their experience and knowledge to help you avoid pitfalls and maximize the value of your intellectual property. [Link] (PatentlyO readers register for with PO 200 for a discount)
  • The ACI's Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases conference will take place on November 28-29 in Boston. There are an estimated 6,000 rare diseases currently recognized in the U.S. alone; European authorities recognize as many as 8,000 rare diseases. With only approximately 150 treatments for these diseases approved so far according to the FDA's orphan designation database, there is a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes to invest in research and development to try to capture this lucrative market share. Indeed, according to a leading industry report, the orphan disease therapeutics market will continue to see a marked increase in value through the decade, increasing from 2010's $2.3 billion to an estimated $6 billion in 2018. [Link] (PatentlyO readers register for with PO 200 for a discount)

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