IP Hall of Fame Call for Nominees

Each year the Intellectual Property Hall of Fame goes through an extensive nomination and selection process. Nominations are open to the public and must be submitted by February 25, 2013.  Members of the IP Hall of Fame Academy will then vote on the inductees.  The idea behind the hall of fame is to honor individuals “who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of IP law and practice.”

2012 inductees included Todd Dickinson (former USPTO director); Beatrix de Russe (licensing wizard); Alan Drewsen (INTA); David Kappos (former USPTO director); Tom McCarthy (Professor and author); and Marybeth Peters (former US Register of Copyrights).

The 2013 induction ceremony will be held at the IP Business Congress in Boston in June.  Although a separate entity, the IP Hall of Fame was created by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Magazine that is run by Joff Wild.

Submit your nominations here: http://www.iphalloffame.com/nominate/Nominate.aspx.



11 thoughts on “IP Hall of Fame Call for Nominees

  1. 10

    IANAE: if their job is to warn us, and one got through without a warning, then they blew it.

    Not sure why you always defend authority. I think that is pretty typical of under 35 year olds. Pretty much you are wanna be slave masters and (really slaves.)

  2. 9

    even if they thought that, why no warning that a bus sized rock was coming in?

    Because “even if they thought that”.

    The Space Shuttle is way bigger than a bus, and even that burns up completely on reentry unless every last protective tile on the bottom is perfectly fitted.

    If they warned for every meteor that eventually burned up in the upper atmosphere, they’d be warning us all the time, and we’d be in a constant state of panic. That’s really only worth doing in an election year.

  3. 8

    Well, obviously I didn’t read the article wiseguy. But, still, even if they thought that, why no warning that a bus sized rock was coming in?

  4. 7

    In the cosmic scheme of things, this is not really a big to-do.

    We can tell this by evaluating those non-persistent yet physical things called light waves that reach us after bouncing off of features across the vacuum of space.

    Wouldn’t it be great to promote man’s ability to manufacture such features with some very specific structure to use for some very real useful ends?

  5. 6

    If you read the article, it says. They thought it was small enough to burn up when it hit the atmosphere.

  6. 4

    I wonder if that induction was for an outstanding contribution to the development of IP law and practice in the “Quality does not equal reject” initiative?

    Now that should be rewarded. Quality from merit – not a rejection percentage goal.

  7. 1

    Following up on an earlier conversation: who’s the in-house patent attorney at Mayo who greenlighted the decision to fight Prometheus’ claims to the death at the Supreme Court under a theory which would prevent Mayo from enforcing much of its own IP? That sort of integrity should be rewarded.

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