Folks are Hiring

Recent patent jobs postings:

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4 thoughts on “Folks are Hiring

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    Very, very few of these gigs actually need EE’s. The true circuits, fields and waves, etc. cases are few and far between. Most of it is electronic controller stuff, which an ME can easily handle. If you’re looking, give it a crack.

    It’s nice to see a few ads again here and there though; that’s for sure.

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    This is great! If you are an E.E., unfortunately for the M.E.s like myself, not many firms/companies are hiring.

    Good to know some people are hiring though.

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    I am currently a second year law student. I am struggling to find a position for this summer. Last summer I worked at the USPTO and I would really like to get some hands on experience somewhere else. It would be nice to make myself as competitive as possible when I graduate. Does anybody have any insight on where to look for Patent experience while I am in law school? I am currently in the DC area.


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