Blog Updates: ABA Blawg 100

The ABA Journal is again running its Blawg 100 edition noting interesting and worthy legal blogs. Patently-O and Gene Quinn’s IP Watchdog were perennial contenders but were ‘retired’ from the list after being inducted into the ABA’s Hall of Fame in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Patent Related Blawgs this year include Ross Dannenberg’s Patent Arcade, Courtenay Brinkerhoff’s PharmaPatents, Scott McKeown’s Patent Post Grant, and Kurt Karst’s FDA Law Blog.  I would have also included the Written Description blog and PatentDocs. Non-patent sites of interest to me include JotwellPrawfsBlawg, and Eric Goldman’s Tech & Marketing Law Blog, among others.

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      Anony, if I didn’t know better, I’d put this down to a knee-jerk reaction by someone who hadn’t read the briefs or the cases.

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    I would also throw in the “phoenix” of Hal Wegner at link to

    Interestingly – for what it is worth – Hal has reclaimed his “Top Ten” that he had bequeathed to this blog…


          I note that MM hasn’t found his way over there (at least not yet). Is it a matter of time?

          I found the articles to be useful.

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