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    Here’s another interesting “bit and bite”: “Four major German patent law firms have published an open letter citing concerns over developments at the European Patent Office (EPO), just two weeks before António Campinos is due to become president of the office. In particular, patent law firms Grünecker, Hoffmann Eitle, Maiwald, and Vossius & Partner are concerned about “modifications to the incentive systems for the examination of patent applications”. Published last week, the letter is addressed to both outgoing EPO president Benoît Battistelli and future president Campinos, along with Christoph Ernst, chairman of the Administrative Council, and principal director of user support and quality management Niclas Morey. The firms noted that while they appreciated the increased average speed of the examination proceedings, such an “overreaching desire for high productivity” has led to problems at the office. “When the aim is to terminate proceedings as quickly as possible within specific allowed times, the quality of the search and examination of applications must suffer,” claimed the letter. The fees for search and examination, which are “rather high when compared internationally”, can only be justified by giving the examiners sufficient time for an in-depth assessment of each application. ”
    [The search fee itself is not that high.]

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      Here is another “interesting bit and bite”

      link to

      about a scatological manufactured fake Affidavit filed in the mega-bucks CRISPR case, which Affidavit appeared briefly on an EPO file but has been speedily removed now, by the EPO managers.

      A small indicator of “What the World is coming to” these days?

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    Bitcoin extended losses, bringing its four-session slide to as much as 20 percent, as questions mount about whether the world’s biggest cryptocurrency was manipulated during last year’s record price surge.

    If only we had more patents on methods of gambling.

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    BREAKING: Theranos founder, former chief operating officer charged with defrauding investors, doctors and patients.

    The stench of guilt is pretty darn unbearable around this truly horrible person. Maybe worse than Elon Musk, although that will probably change.

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      link to

      A few decades would send the right message. Oh but wait! It might “chill” the Big Grift that keeps America’s rich protected from criticism by the jealous masses which is really way worse than the way Jewish people were treated by N@ zi’s during the H 0 l0 c@ust. A really rich guy told us so, after all!


          THIS is an “odd rant”:

          link to

          Legendary Silicon Valley VC Says Criticism Of The Super-Rich Is Like N@ zis Going After The Jews

          Pre-Drumpf, and definitely part of the “zeitgeist” as America rapidly swirls down the t0 ilet of Rep u k k e glibertarianism.

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      After the testing device that Holmes claimed would be able run hundreds of medical tests on a single drop of blood was shown not to work, Holmes was barred from running a clinical company by U.S. regulators, was sued by investors, and the company let go many of its employees.

      Since then, she has been seeking funding for a new venture

      Because what else is there?

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      Will the Theranos patent applications issue anyway? [How likely is it the patent attorney will tell the examiner the subject machines are inoperative, and would it make any difference if they did?]

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    IP Index showing decline in the US patent system lacks credibility

    LOL. No f king sh t, Sherlock.

    But that won’t stop the greediest and most self-important attorneys on the planet (patent maximalists) from screeching about how it represents the decline of Western Civilization.

    Global Innovation Policy Center’s “IP Index” .. The centre is an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce

    LOLOLOLOLOL The “US Chamber of Commerce” is a pro-business lobbying group with a credibility rating lower than Mango H@irb@lls (just kidding — that’s an impossibility).

    Besides, the US Center for Technology Assessment just gave the US patent system a 9.72 ranking, it’s highest ranking ever. That’s all you need to know, really. Spread the news! LOL

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    Apple Files Patent Application for Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

    It sends an alert! With a sound! The user can configure it!

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