Top-25 Design Patent Recipients from the Past Year

  1. Samsung Electronics :See D669,432 a contactless mobile device charger
  2. Microsoft: See D669,498 a computer icon (as part of a display screen)
  3. Procter & Gamble: See D668,878 a design on paper towel
  4. LG Electronics: See D669,469 a tablet computer
  5. Apple: See D668,674 a computer icon (as part of a display screen)
  6. Research-In-Motion: See D667,807 an electronic device with a built in physical keyboard
  7. Philips Electronics: See D668,812 a lamp
  8. Nike: See D668,441 a tiny bit of a shoe
  9. Toyota: See D668,592 the front-end of a car
  10. FIH (a branch of Foxconn): See D668,648 an electronic device cover with fancy surface treatment
  11. Cheng Uei Precision Industry: See D666,579 a stereo headseat
  12. Honda Motor: See D668,594 a automobile grill
  13. Hon Hai: See D668,664 a flash drive that folds like an old Leatherman
  14. LG Innotek (Subsidiary of LG Electronics): See D667,383 packaging for an LED
  15. 3M Innovative Properties: See D668,496 a scouring pad holder
  16. Sony: See D668,637 earbuds
  17. Panasonic: See D668,702 an overhead projector
  18. Target Brands: See D668,176 a chain with the letter “E” attached
  19. Gillette: See D668,532 a package for holding personal care product
  20. S C Johnson & Son: See D668,542 the top of a plastic bottle with a closure device
  21. Karl Storz: See D668,762 a medical device handle
  22. Goodyear Tire Rubber: See D668,600 a tire
  23. Beifa Group: See D668,293 a writing pen with a cap
  24. Kohler: See D663,396 a toilet seat
  25. Daimler: See D666,957 rims

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  1. Gillette is a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. 3 and 19 should be combined in the rankings. Does this change the rankings? I am an employee of P&G.

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