Experienced Patent Attorneys — Lee & Hayes — Pacific Northwest

Leehayes Lee & Hayes is seeking experienced patent attorneys with excellent communication skills.

Attorneys with 3+ yrs of experience, who demonstrate initiative and leadership skills, may advance to managing clients and/or teams of patent attorneys. Please submit your resume (with USPTO registration number) to info@leehayes.com for confidential consideration.

Lee & Hayes is a contemporary, growing, dynamic, premium IP law firm with a client-centered model and an entrepreneurial culture. We specialize in computer-related technologies, e.g., software, hardware, networking, and e-commerce.

Lee & Hayes has been ranked #1 for quality computer and software patents by IP Law & Business and is one of the largest IP law firms in the US that emphasizes patent prosecution and other non-litigation IP services.  We develop and help commercialize strategically positioned IP portfolios for our clients; We are global--in our reach and clientele.

Lee & Hayes is a trusted advisor and essential business partner for many high-caliber, sophisticated, and well-known clients. We represent six of the world’s top-20 U.S. patent recipients, according to IFI Patent Intelligence, and six of the top-50 of the Fortune™ 500.

We typically focus on the following technologies:
o  Computer software, hardware, and networking
o  Electronics
o  Semiconductor technologies
o  Digital media
o  Business and financial services
o  E-commerce and mobile commerce
o  Telecommunications
o  Aerospace
o  Healthcare & Medical devices
o  Consumer goods
o  Biotech

Our offices are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Spokane and Seattle, Washington).

Employer Type: Law Firm
Job Location: Pacific Northwest (Spokane & Seattle, WA)