Patent Counsel – Large Corporation – Multiple Locations

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an innovative, dynamic company with a rich past and a promising future. Started in a Palo Alto garage by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard as a company that made audio frequency oscillators, HPE has continuously reinvented itself. Today, HPE is one of the world's leading technology companies and provides hardware, software, and services for the next generation of information technology.

The IP Strategy Group in HPE’s Office of Legal and Administrative Affairs (OLAA) manages one of the largest patent portfolios in the world. The successful candidate for the Patent Counsel position will support the IP Strategy Group's efforts to build and maintain a high quality patent portfolio that furthers the goals of HPE's dynamic business. More specifically, the successful candidate will be responsible for personally drafting, prosecuting, and managing high quality patent applications, managing a patent technology-based patent portfolio, and supporting the department in a number of other activities critical for its success.

This unique opportunity will offer significant promotional and rotational opportunities throughout the OLAA and the chance to build a career with HPE as an IP attorney. Successful candidates begin their careers in the IP Strategy group and personally design their career path based on their goals and interests. Future roles can include rotations to IP Transactions & Counseling, IP Sales & Licensing, IP Litigation, Trademarks, and Director/VP level leadership roles.

Key Responsibilities 
The successful candidate's responsibilities in the Patent Counsel role are expected to include the following:

  • Managing patent applications throughout the patent lifecycle by working directly with HPE's inventor community, personally drafting and prosecuting high quality patent applications for strategically important inventions, and interacting with worldwide patent offices to secure valuable patent coverage
  • Actively participating in HPE's invention disclosure review process to help ensure that HPE's best inventions are identified and patented
  • Analyzing pending patent applications to determine their value to HPE and to formulate a global filing strategy
  • Managing and analyzing HPE's patent portfolio, including preparation of claim charts
  • Collaborating with engineers in invention mining sessions, patent scrubs, and patent education sessions
  • Actively engaging in training, knowledge sharing, and other career development opportunities to hone technical and legal abilities and prepare for promotional or rotational opportunities
  • Participating from time to time as a member of a cross functional team to provide support in licensing, litigation, or other matters.

The successful candidate is expected to possess the following qualifications and abilities:

  • A B.S. degree and/or advanced degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, or Computer Science
  • A J.D. degree from an accredited university and admission to a state bar
  • Admission to practice before the USPTO
  • 2+ years of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Strong academic credentials
  • Preference for candidates who have personally drafted 20+ patent applications and prosecuted 50+ applications
  • Ability to work with clients in a team-oriented partnership to help them arrive at elegant solutions to their problems
  • Flexibility to accept new and different challenges in a fast paced, high-tech environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • A positive attitude, creative spirit, passion for IP law, and strong motivation to excel

To apply, please visit this website: or email Attach a resume, cover letter, and a recent writing sample, such as a published patent application and/or published Office Action response.

Additional Info
Employer Type: Large Corporation
Job Location: Houston, Texas; Palo Alto, California; Fort Collins, Colorado