Operations Manager – Other – Remote

IP Edge LLC is seeking an operations manager to work remotely. The OperationsIP Edge LLC Overview | SignalHire Company Profile Manager will coordinate and work with internal management and resources to set deadlines, define responsibilities, and consistently monitor progress of projects. The Operations Manager shall update management and team on status of projects. The Operations Manager will work with and manage multiple teams that include law firms, outside vendors and other parties to ensure deliverables are completed on time. The Operations Manager must have ability to think ahead, anticipate potential risks to project timelines, and take action to mitigate risks. The Operations Manager will need to learn and understand the nuances of patent due diligence and licensing to understand how decision-making impacts bottom line revenue for the company.

The Operations Manager will be successful in their role if he or she demonstrates the ability to run company projects from start to finish, meeting metrics and deadlines and earning management’s trust. Many times, meeting a metric not only involves meeting a measurable threshold, but meeting the threshold in a manner that optimizes business performance. The Operations Manager will need to thoroughly understand company objectives, and issue spot and raise questions to determine which business operations that are optimal, and which operations need to be modified to optimize business performance.


  • Define project objectives and scope
  • Monitor project schedules
  • Measure and track project progress according to defined metrics, and account for adjustments
  • Manage relationships with clients, law firms, vendors, and other outside parties and stakeholders
  • Mitigate project risks –proactively identify issues and problem solve without oversight
  • Coordinate with team members and third parties/vendors for execution of project deliverables
  • Identify, analyze, and implement the correct course of actions in the face of different possibilities, to ensure optimal team performance
  • Delegate tasks based on team member’s skills and experience and responsibilities
  • Provide progress reports to management. Must be able to spot and escalate issues as needed
  • Research counsel and makes calls to retain new counsel, for both lead and local counsel
  • Monitor incoming actions for the litigation team, coordinate with responsible team members to deliver prompt responses
  • Proactively identify where you need help and support and communicate your needs, to help ensure optimal team performance
  • Understand current business processes, and identify opportunities to enhance efficiencies through process improvement
  • Lead new initiatives across the company to establish new processes and infrastructure necessary for scaling and supporting growth
  • Manage quarterly and annual reporting, including financial reporting
  • Manage accounting of patent enforcement budgets and revenues


  • Remote position, online access
  • Prior project management work experience
  • Prior patent experience strongly preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to anticipate questions and issues
  • When instructions aren’t clearly conveyed, be able to ask clarifying questions
  • Organized, attention to detail and can multi-task
  • Proficient with Microsoft office: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Be comfortable working with P&L and financial reporting
  • Must be willing to improve constantly and strive to exceed ever rising performance threshold
  • Must be able to adapt to what may seem to be continual changes in direction and strategy without compromising performance
  • Resourceful problem solver
  • Can work independently with limited oversight

Please submit your resume to ops@ip-edge.com

Please include cover letter, resume and start date. No work visa applicants.

Additional Info
Employer Type: Other
Job Location: Remote