Patent News Sources

A reader asked about how I find news to post.  Here are some tips and rules that I follow:  


1. The primary sources for the Patently-O Blog are judicial opinions released by the Federal Circuit and various district courts.  In addition, I pay attention to rule changes at the Patent Office and legislative changes in Congress.  My policy is to post a review of every appellate opinion directly related to patent law, most rule/legislative changes, and some district court opinions. 


2. Secondarily, the world of blogs (or blawgs) provides lots of interesting points of interest.  For example, I read about the recent patent lawsuit against the RIAA on Stephen Nipper’s blog.  I use the online news reader “Bloglines” check for new items from blogs around the world. I have about 35 blogs in my list.  There are millions of blogs, so 35 is quite culled. 


There are definitely other blogs that should be on my list, but I just don’t have time to process that much information.  Here are four patent related blogs that I often use as sources. (in no particular order). 

a. The Invent Blog


c. Promote the Progress

d. Anything Under the Sun Made By Man

I also like to read the Blawg Channel and the Anonymous Lawyer.


3. I look to the mainstream media to uncover some items more related to the business of patents and patent law.  For example, I read about the patent suit against Major League Baseball on c-Net News.  Generally, I try to add to the story in a meaningful way.  For example, for the MLB case, I downloaded the patent from the USPTO and looked at the claim language and figures.  Then, I contacted the plaintiff’s attorney to get his comments about the case. 


Here are my three best news sources:

a. Google News patent search

b. Patent/Trademark page

c. Chicago Tribune

Google and Topix are both news aggregators.  They seem to use quite different algorithms for ranking news stories.  Thus, it is unlikely that a scan of the top 10 stories will reveal more than 2 or 3 overlapping repeats.  Apparently, Yahoo News is more popular, but I don’t really like it.


4. Other. I get lots of e-mails from readers about various items of interest.  This often spurs me to delve into the story to see whether I can provide some insight.  In addition, I just do what seems interesting to me.  For example, Last year I drove through the hills of western North Carolina and truly enjoyed the scenery and people.  On a whim, I looked for recent patents issued to inventors located in Asheville — and posted a brief article on the topic.