New Blog Covers Decisions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

New York attorney Martin Schwimmer has been covering trademark issues for the past few years at his quality Trademark Blog.

One area of trademark law where Marty has only rarely taken his readers is into the arcane decisions of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).  The TTAB is an administrative body of the Patent & Trademark Office that decides various trademark issues such as ex-parte appeals, oppositions, cancellations and concurrent use proceedings.  These decisions are extremely important, but only rarely written about . . . until now.

At Marty’s encouragement, Boston attorney John Welch has created the TTABlog: Occasional Observations re the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  Welch has a wealth of knowledge concerning operation of the TTAB and, perhaps more importantly, is a great writer.  In his posts, John certainly gives you the facts, but he also imparts some of his own insight into the inner workings of the administrative trademark appeal process.

Recent headlines on the TTABlog:

Welcome to the blogosphere John Welch.

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